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Being able to provide cost saving solutions to our clients is what we do.
Here's a litte feedback on how we've helped so many save big!

Conrail Logo

It was refreshing to have worked so closely and effectively with CUC such that Conrail was able to realize a cost savings of over $1,400,000 in the brief 2-3 years that the contracted service was in place. Thanks to you and your staff's efforts, we saved significant sums and we learned a great deal. Truly a win-win effort!

Phillip M. Connaught | Manager Utilities Download PDF
Verizon Logo

Keep up the good work. If Verizon could give awards to its' vendors, CUC would be at the top of my list.

Matt Mattingly | Manager, Energy Initiatives Download PDF
Dupont Logo

The initial work performed by CUC included identifying three separate areas of savings on our electric bills. The total savings from these recommendations totaled in excess of $180,000 per year.

Robert Rullo | Operations Manager Download PDF
Quaker Logo

CUC has secured credits and refunds totaling well in excess of $600,000. In addition, our ongoing electric bills have been reduced by approximately $400,000 per year; all without any expense to The Quaker Oats Co.

Michael Kirt | Manager, Technical Services Download PDF
Germantown International Logo

Through the efforts of Commercial Utility Consultants, we were able to realize savings, credits and refunds totaling well in excess of $100,000 in a relatively short amount of time at no cost to us. Thank you for your assistance, your service is truly a win-win situation.

Joseph Fares | Financial Controller Download PDF
Preferred Plus Logo

While your analysis provided savings and credits for several of our properties, it also gave us the assurance that the proper rates were being applied to the rest of our utility accounts. Your knowledge and expertise of the utility industry has been quite impressive indeed.

John R. Ahle, Jr. SCSM | VP & Director, Asset Mgmt Download PDF
Williamson Trade School Logo

The refund and credit from PECO totaling in excess of $130,000 would not have been possible without the expertise and determination of the employees of your company. I would give your organization a recommendation to anyone who is interested.

Ronald M. Saurman | Director, Building & Grounds Download PDF
Jet Plastica Logo

Savings for the six-year period of our association have totaled an amount approaching $2,500,000. In addition, we continue to enjoy savings of more than $400,000 per year on our electric bills as a result of the efforts of Commercial Utility Consultants.

Charles A. Brown | Controller & Treasurer Download PDF
Radnor House Logo

Your hard work and knowledge have significantly reduced the electric and gas billings for this Association. The complexities introduced to consumers with electric deregulation make your services all the more valuable. It is now truly a "buyer beware" market. It is comforting to know that I can always call upon you when I have a question regarding utility issues. I would certainly give your organization the highest recommendation to anyone who is interested.

Frances M. Portale | Property Manager Download PDF
Dunwoody Village Logo

Our relationship has been quite fruitful for both parties. CUC has saved Dunwoody Village in excess of $350,000 over the course of our contract.

Robert L. Supper | VP, Operations & Finance Download PDF
Depaul Group Logo

I was also very impressed with the CUC deregulation auction process that was utilized to choose suppliers for many of our electric accounts. This saved me a lot of time and money and made the process much simpler for both my company and the competing suppliers.

Patrick Callahan | Director of Finance Download PDF
Microsemi Logo

The three separate refunds totaled in excess of $100,000 and exemplified CUC's thorough knowledge of every aspect of utility billings and doing business with utility companies. We were able to obtain significant savings going forward as well. All of this was accomplished with very little time or effort on our part since we were provided with everything that was needed by CUC.

Ginny Winn | Site Director Download PDF
Corrugated Box Co Logo

The opportunity to achieve savings on expenses with no capital costs and very little time is certainly unique and carries absolutely no risk. I would certainly recommend CUC to anyone who has any doubts concerning your shared savings.

David Platt | VP & CFO Download PDF

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