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For many businesses and organizations, electric billings represent a substantial utility operating cost that has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Yet despite its impact, most organizations do not have the time or expertise to identify and solve problems affecting their electric utility billings. With electricity playing an ever-larger role in business due to computers and new electric technologies, it is more important now than ever to have your electric bills carefully analyzed by Commercial Utility Consultants' electric utility experts.

How can Commercial Utility Consultants help lower your electric bills? Our analysts have extensive utility experience, which has been an asset to finding cost saving opportunities. They are familiar with the problems that can occur, and have intimate knowledge of metering, billing systems and procedures in use by utilities. They have been highly successful in identifying problems in billing and metering that enable them to spot areas of trouble that would otherwise go unnoticed by both utilities and customers. In addition, CUC's analysts are expert negotiators, often succeeding on a billing dispute after our clients have given up trying to resolve the problem on their own.

Our approach is simple.

  • Review clients' historical electric billings.
  • Review current and anticipated operations that can affect electric usage and billing.
  • Evaluate utility rates, riders and historical problem areas with each electric utility.

This can be a very elaborate process for CUC, but time and again has produced results for our clients.

Commercial Utility Consultants is paid for performance not promises. With CUC's shared savings fee structure, if we do not identify and implement any savings or refund opportunities, we receive no fee compensation. Our clients have found this arrangement appealing; paying for performance that produces bottom-line results means that there are never any out-of-pocket expenses. All fees are paid exclusively from implemented savings and/or refunds after the savings and/or refunds are realized.

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