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How can Commercial Utility Consultants help lower your natural gas utility costs?

To most natural gas customers, billings may seem straight forward compared to electric billings, however deregulation of natural gas down to the small commercial customer level has resulted in customer confusion and more complicated bills similar to electric bills. Having multiple suppliers can result in additional complications and potential mistakes. Since natural gas usage can represent a sizeable portion of a business' energy costs, it is important that these bills are scrutinized by experts who are familiar with problem areas.

How can Commercial Utility Consultants help lower your natural gas utility costs? Our analysts have extensive understanding of natural gas utility billings, which has been a valuable asset to finding cost saving opportunities. Our experienced analysts identify unusual billing and metering errors that would have cost clients thousands of dollars if left unchecked. In addition, Commercial Utility Consultants' representatives are expert negotiators, often succeeding in getting utilities to change their position on a billing issue after our clients have given up trying to resolve the problem on their own.

Considering using in-house staff to perform a comprehensive natural gas billing analysis? We have found that most of our clients do not have the in-house expertise capable of solving the sometimes complex issues involving natural gas billings. Gas billings often cross over between accounting functions and facility operations. Since knowledgeable in-house personnel often have a more important role in the core business, the utility bill auditing assignment often gets light treatment due to other over-riding more immediate priorities. Today, most businesses accept the role of specialized consultants who can produce results without the need to dedicate key in-house resources who are needed to perform other functions in the organization.

Commercial Utility Consultants is paid for performance not promises. With Commercial Utility Consultants' shared savings fee structure, if we do not find any savings or refund opportunities, we receive no fee compensation. Our clients have found this arrangement appealing; paying for performance that produces bottom-line results means that there are no out-of-pocket expenses. Commercial Utility Consultants' fees are paid exclusively from implemented savings and/or refunds after the savings or refunds are realized.

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