CUC will perform a full analysis of all your utility bills to help your company start saving money right away, whether you use our services or not. Whether its gas, electric, water, sewer or even steam, the chances are high that our energy consultants can find you savings.

Utility companies often make billing mistakes without even knowing it. They over charge, they use the wrong energy rates and make complex errors that result in an energy bill that’s higher than it should be.

We analyze all of your utility bills looking for more than just your typical errors. Our bill analysts are experts and can quickly spot overcharges, misbillings, supplier errors and many more issues with your utility bills. We have a team of long tenured and highly experienced analysts who know their way around utility bills simply because they have worked directly for the utility suppliers in the past. They know where the errors occur and they know exactly what to look for. All of this knowledge and experience adds up to savings for you.

A CUC representative will contact you within 3-5 business days to provide you with our recommendations and analysis of your utility accounts. This is a no obligation/totally FREE analysis of your bills. CUC will explain their findings to you, details the cost savings on each utility bill in depth. We will not implement any recommendations without your consent. All you have to do is fill out the simple form and be sure to upload your electric and gas bills using the upload fields to get started.

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LET CUC HELP YOU SAVE - We have saved our clients thousands on their energy bills. In some cases, our review has resulted in refunds of over $250,000!

Commercial Utility Consultants of West Chester, PA has been in business since 1975 reducing utility costs for its clients on Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer and Telecom accounts at no cost. CUC can be reached at 1-800-296-2821 or on the web at