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Commercial Utility Consultants can lower your telecommunication costs and improve your service.

Whether you are looking for a new high quality provider or simply looking to reduce your present telecommunications costs, we can help you. Commercial Utility Consultants performs a complete audit on your present telecom accounts. Even if you are happy with your current service provider, CUC can audit your past billings for errors and in many cases find substantial refunds and/or cost reductions without switching your service. The best of both worlds; you can retain your carrier of choice and be assured that you are paying the lowest cost available for your service.

We can help you find a new high quality provider at the best possible prices as well. The Telecom world has changed. Only the largest accounts still receive direct support from the major carriers. CUC has forged relationships with Strategic Partners that value your business and who will work hard to provide our clients with the best prices and the finest support in the marketplace.

Why pay retail prices when Commercial Utility Consultants can provide wholesale pricing with superior support? All of our clients are direct customers of their carriers with their 24/7 Customer Service offerings in addition to the support that we and our strategic partners provide. We specialize in Corporate Cellular Accounts, Audio and Web Conferencing and, of course, traditional telecom from MPLS to VOIP and all voice and data offerings in between. Relax and save money. Let the CUC network of professionals manage any and all of your Telecom needs.

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